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Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2017 award for

Elegant Support For Hypothesis Generation and Testing

Eventpad has won a VAST challenge award for the analysis for vehicle travel patterns in a wildlife preserve.

On average our competition worked approximately 2 months on the data to solve the challenge. We did it in 2 hours...


``Great demonstration of a flexible existing tool EventPad to organize sequences of events in an intuitive way. Very powerful!''

``EventPad has a lot of potential and I'd be interested to see further development''

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Convert your PCAP files to CSV with your Wireshark dissector (installed separately)



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Eventpad in 30-seconds


Voice Over IP Analysis


Travel pattern analysis VAST Challenge 2017


Still Hacking Anyway Conference 2017


IEEE Computer Graphics InfoVis 2017


The Academic version of Eventpad is currently available for free. Try it out and let us know what you think.



Background story

Bram, Josh, and Bram met each other during the Computer Science program in Eindhoven University of Technology.
Their mutual curiosity, interest, and motivation to drive every project to the max made them inseparable ever since.
Together they combine their knowledge in the area of software development, data visualization,
and formal methods to develop high quality and creative next-generation software.

Dennis and Joey met each other during the Duth law program in Maastricht university.
Their skillset in Dutch, private, and tax law and their enthusiasm in the company make them invaluable and important part of the team.