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Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2017 award for

Elegant Support For Hypothesis Generation and Testing

Eventpad has won a VAST challenge award for the analysis for vehicle travel patterns in a wildlife preserve.

On average our competition worked approximately 2 months on the data to solve the challenge. We did it in 2 hours...


``Great demonstration of a flexible existing tool EventPad to organize sequences of events in an intuitive way. Very powerful!''

``EventPad has a lot of potential and I'd be interested to see further development''

Read the paper Read the report Learn more

ICTOpen award for

Best Demo and Technology of 2018

The Dutch Scientific Institute NWO announced Eventpad as the most impactful Dutch technology for ICT environments and industries of 2018

European Cyber Security Perspectives 2018

Eventpad is published in the European Cyber Security Perspectives 2018!

Check the report

Black Hat USA 2018

Eventpad is getting ready for Black Hat USA

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European Venture Program

5 countries in Europe, 22 startups, 1 best business paper

The European Venture Programme offers 20 young start-ups exclusive access to the entrepreneurship expertise and networking resources available at the EuroTech Universities. The intensive 12-day programme takes entrepreneurs on a journey to four different ecosystems, where a mix of thematic workshops, company visits, and public pitching competitions will enable the startups to grow their business beyond borders.

During this program Eventpad has won the best 2-pager award. Check out the Newsarticle


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Voice Over IP Analysis


Travel pattern analysis VAST Challenge 2017


Still Hacking Anyway Conference 2017